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EN - 8 - Media control

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This page is for discussing the content of the paragraph 8: Media control

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8. Media control

We consider imperative to encourage diversity in the ownership of broadcast media and to promote the development of new media outlets for expression of diverse viewpoints. We believe democracy requires a wide citizens’ exposition to different topics, ideas and different point of view not specifically selected in advance.

The financing of the media is a burning question: at present there is a vicious triangle of author-reader-advertiser. The readers should actually directly pay the authors for their works or the enjoyment of them. As long as works were distributed on physical media that were difficult to reproduce, such as books and vinyl discs, the reader’s purchase of a copy was also the way to pay the author and for a specific work at a specific time. But broadcasting and certainly the digital media changed that model. The vicious triangle also has built-in the possibility of control over expression by the advertiser.

We propose an experiment with micro-payments and digital cash to break this vicious triangle. The availability of micro-payments could also solve many problems of intellectual property, since these are now implicitly connected to macro-payments for goods that no longer have a physical substrate.

Comments (1)

etiennerougerie@gmail.com said

at 11:01 pm on Apr 6, 2009

Hi, I agree with micro payments. But I'd like your opinions on an another possible way (witch could be cumulative with micro payments).
That other way is like music broadcasting on fm radios (in France it's call SACEM music authors right society). Radios stations have to declare how many times they played every songs. By the end of the year they have to pay a global tax at the SACEM. The tax is then distributed among authors depending on how many times them songs was played. (it's a little more complicated in fact, but doesn't matter)
For internet providers, it's possible to know precisely how much time each of us is spending on any internet page. So, couldn't we imagine to pay each month not only for being connected but also for contents. The money for content would be distributed dependently on how many times a page were read.
We all know that we must pay for contents, but in the same time we don't want to pay all the day. That way is comfortable for users and fair for authors.
I didn't use the "global licence" word, wich is not very clear for me.
I would appreciate every comment on that idea.
And please excuse the weakness of my English...

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