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EN - 7 - Encouraging innovative Intellectual Property policies

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This page is for discussing the content of the paragraph 7: Encouraging innovative Intellectual Property policies

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7. Encouraging innovative Intellectual Property policies

Newropeans intend to ensure that international intellectual property policies are adopted through democratic processes and with public interest participation. We intend to promote alternative forms of licensing for creative material (including, but not limited to, Creative Commons licenses), open access to scientific publications and research results, management of works whose authors are unknown. We consider intellectual property being very important but at the same time we are concerned about the respect of civil rights and of web architecture.

We are worried about the current legal battle concerning P2P (causing privacy violations, copyright infringements and economic growth limitations) and we imagine a role for the EU as avant-garde exploring solutions for the digital ecosystem within voluntary collective licensing models. Newropeans claim, in fact, despite risks of P2P systems this technology could enrich human interaction setting the conditions for innovative ways of collaboration and creative relationships.

We strongly challenged the recent Commission proposal (COM(2008) 464 final) aimed at extending the term of protection for performers and phonogram producers to from 50 years to 95 years. Indeed Newropeans believe the public domain is an essential tool for new creators.

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