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EN - 6 - Open Source Data Formats and Open Source Software

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This page is for discussing the content of the paragraph 6: Open Source Data Formats and Open Source Software 

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6. Open Source Data Formats and Open Source Software

Apart from the data itself there is the question of operating on it through software, either for creating new data or for transforming or reusing existing data. We are aware of the wide benefits of using open source software (OSS) for the Information Society at large. We do believe that public administrations all over Europe should prefer (and be encouraged to chose) OSS to converting what in a traditional office are paper processes into electronic processes, with the goal being to create a paperless public administration.

While it is theoretically irrelevant what software/hardware is used so long as the data produced is accessible in the sense of the previous point, we do believe that the efficient use of the human resources does depend on training and familiarity with software that conforms to some guidelines.

Harmonisation of software has been attempted before and usually failed miserably because the industry was moving very fast in previous decades. But just like the automobile industry has converged towards well-accepted interfaces for cars (we all use the same layout for pedals for example) the software industry has similarly converged on a set of interfaces now that progress in the basic tools is no longer so fast. A new attempt at harmonisation may be more successful this time and certainly would have broad benefits.



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