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EN - 10 - Social networking

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This page is for discussing the content of the paragraph 10: Social networking

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10. Social networking

If users submit to contracts with data storage and application providers, they must retain control over their data.

Social sites have all the characteristics of data services as discussed in the previous point, but in addition they capture a large amount of effort. For example, the virtual reality site Second Life allows its users to program virtual environments. Apart from the potentially addictive nature of these sites, their users spend much time in constructing “exo-memories”, complete with complex programming. Therefore, users do not only store data on sites like My Space and Facebook, they weave an entire web about themselves. It has little meaning to “extract” these constructs because they cannot be used in stand-alone on the user’s local machine. In that respect they are not simply data as in the previous point.

We urge the implementation of laws to regulate the behaviour of companies providing these social networks. The issues are similar to those for data storage, but are complicated by many psychological aspects. A study is necessary to understand where the law should progress to include social networking in ways similar to how associations, political parties and public service companies are regulated.

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